November 15, 2021


“Cook Like a Mother” Campaign Launches Nationwide Across all Major Media Platforms Today

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., (November 15, 2021) — RAGÚ®, the iconic pasta sauce brand that has been in the US for more than 80 years, today announces a major brand relaunch. This includes a packaging redesign across the entire range of RAGÚ varieties, sizes and packaging formats as well as a cheeky, new marketing campaign. The campaign plays off the brand’s rich heritage and the iconic cap on every jar of RAGÚ. Originally started in the kitchen of an Italian mother, RAGÚ has been a family favorite since 1937 by providing delicious homemade taste that brings the whole family to the table. Today, the brand debuts their new, fully integrated marketing campaign, created by Digitas Chicago. The campaign is flighted to hit TV, digital, print, audio, social and instore media platforms over the coming months. 

The attention-getting “Cook Like a Mother” tagline takes aim at everyone, regardless of gender or culinary skillset, reminding them that, with a delicious jar of RAGÚ sauce in hand, anyone and everyone can “Cook like a Mother.” Two new TV ads, rolling out in 15-second spots, feature two different story arches with a bridge-playing grandmother awaiting her granddaughter’s home-cooked meal, as well as firefighters preparing dinner while on duty, showcasing that RAGÚ can empower anyone to “Cook Like a Mother.” The campaign celebrates the iconic sauce brand at the heart of real-world home cooking, showcasing a wide selection of RAGÚ sauce varieties, ranging from the beloved RAGÚ® Old World Style to the Chunky Line, Cheese Creations and RAGÚ® Simply.  

“We wanted to have a little fun with our brand relaunch campaign, while also reminding consumers that, with a jar of RAGÚ, everyone can feel empowered to make a quick, easy and delicious meal,” said Megan Frank, Senior Vice President Marketing, at Mizkan America, Inc., the maker of RAGÚ. The new RAGÚ packaging harmonizes and contemporizes the brand. The redesigned packaging started rolling out nationwide in October and will continue hitting store shelves over the next few months. Continued Ms. Frank, “RAGÚ has strong equity in its distinctive jar cap, but the yellow cap isn’t just a recognizable brand asset— it’s a magnet that grabs your attention and pulls the eye in at shelf.  As the sauce aisle often has a dizzying array of choices, that can make sauce shopping confusing, the new RAGÚ packaging was designed to help busy shoppers more quickly and conveniently identify their RAGÚ favorites and key sauce attributes.”

“We are excited to partner with RAGÚ and be a part of the iconic brand’s relaunch,” said Tim Mattimore, Executive Vice President/Executive Creative Director, Digitas. “This campaign was inspired by the fact that RAGÚ is the kind of comfort food that can act as a love language to your family; that food isn’t just fuel — it’s a culture, an identity, and a sign of love. And Cooking ‘Like A Mother’ means creating an amazing meal even if you are not a mother or a skilled cook. It means stepping up to the stove with confidence and serving up homemade meals with pride.”

The RAGÚ packaging redesign makes the most of the iconic yellow RAGÚ cap by carrying it across the whole range of jars and jugs.  

Continued Ms. Frank, “We really wanted the new labels to better convey the care and quality that go into every RAGÚ sauce.  We know that RAGÚ makes creating meals easier for our consumers and we hope that this packaging redesign will make sauce shopping easier, too.”

RAGÚ® sauces are available in the pasta-sauce aisle at select grocery and mass retailers nationwide as well as select e-commerce platforms. For more information and recipe inspiration, visit RAGÚ.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

About The RAGÚ® Brand

The RAGÚ® brand was founded in 1937 by Assunta and Giovani Cantisano and their sauce was originally sold from their home in Rochester, New York. Assunta carried her family’s recipe from Italy when she immigrated to New York in 1914, and it has now been enjoyed by American families for almost 85 years. With a wide selection of sauce varieties ranging from the beloved Old-World Style to the Chunky Line, Cheese Creations and Simply, RAGÚ sauce can empower anyone to “Cook Like a Mother” regardless of gender or culinary skill.  Today, RAGÚ sauce is the go-to pasta sauce for families coming together to share a quick and delicious meal and an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to “Cook Like a Mother” in the kitchen. For the very latest news, recipes and more from the RAGÚ brand, please check out the brand at www.RAGÚ.com. You can also follow along on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

About Mizkan America, Inc. 

Based in Mount Prospect, IL, Mizkan America, Inc., is a subsidiary of the Mizkan Group, a global, family-owned company that has been Bringing Flavor To Life™ for more than 215 years. As one of the leading makers of condiments and sauces in the United States, Mizkan America maintains 14 manufacturing facilities that serve the retail, foodservice, specialty Asian and food-ingredient trade channels. Since 2005, Mizkan America has seen dramatic growth and their portfolio now includes a wide variety of vinegars, Italian and Asian sauces, cooking wines, wine reductions, sushi seasoning and salad dressings. Mizkan America brands include:  RAGÚ®, Bertolli®, Holland House®, Nakano®, Mizkan®, Four Monks®, Barengo®, Nature’s Intent®, World Harbors® and Born Simple®.  Mizkan America is also the exclusive distributor/sales agent for Angostura® Bitters in North America. For more information, go to

About The Mizkan Group 

The Mizkan Group is a privately held, international food manufacturer, headquartered in Handa City, Japan, with a heritage that spans more than 215 years.  Always guided by the company’s Two Principles (Offer customers only the finest products; and Continually challenge the status quo), the Mizkan Group offers a line-up of well-known international brands under the Mizkan umbrella and is a leader in the liquid-condiment category.  The Mizkan Group has operating facilities around the globe in places including Japan, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  More information about the Mizkan Group can be found at: